Open up the world of hearing - without surgery

For children with a hearing loss, early support can mean the difference between hearing sound and learning language or letting hearing loss stand in the way of development. The Ponto Softband gives children and adults the opportunity to try out and experience the Ponto System – with no surgery involved. It comes in 14 colors, more wearing options and a design for comfortable all-day use.

Experience Ponto sound quality

The adjustable Ponto Softband is simply worn around the head. When you attach the Ponto sound processor, it sends sound waves through the bone and on to the inner ear. This gives you access to the renowned Ponto sound quality.

With the Ponto Softband and a Ponto sound processor, children have early access to speech and sounds so they can explore and interact with the world around them. This gives them a great foundation for speech development.

The Ponto Softband solution is suitable for children with conductive/mixed hearing loss and single-sided deafness. It can also be used by adults who don’t benefit from conventional hearing aids or who have temporary ear problems, such as blockages or infections. 


Designed to stand up to the toughest play

No children like sitting still, which is why the Ponto Softband is designed to be comfortable yet withstand the wear and tear of children's all-day use.

Adjust to fit your needs


The Ponto Softband is made from soft elastic material that can be adjusted so it fits snugly on all head sizes – even new-born babies. Furthermore, if you use two Ponto sound processors, the Ponto Softband can easily be adjusted for an additional sound processor.

Pick your favorite color

With 14 different colors available, you can be sure to find the Ponto Softband that matches your style. You can also personalize your sound processor with our wide range of skins and stickers.

Wear it on your favorite hat

 If you prefer, you can attach the Ponto SoundConnector™ and the sound processor to your favourite cap or other piece of headgear. 

Ponto Softband
Early access to sound
Meet Jack

“Since Jack got his Ponto Plus sound processors, it is like he grew up in an instant”

  • Indication: Bilateral Microtia Atresia with Moderately Severe Conductive Hearing Loss
  • Sound processor: Bilateral Ponto Plus and the Oticon Medical Streamer
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