Oticon Medical Streamer – wireless opportunities

Communication is an integral part of today's fast-paced world. With Oticon Medical Streamer you can enjoy wireless access to your most important communication devices, as well as looped environments through its built-in telecoil.

Wireless access to communication and entertainment devices

The Oticon Medical Streamer can transmit most audio sources wirelessly to your Ponto Plus sound processor. For example, when used with your cell phone, it turns your sound processor into a wireless headset. It also functions as a remote control for the sound processor making it easy to change program or adjust the volume. To enjoy music using the Oticon Medical Streamer, simply connect it to your PC or MP3 player using a cable or via Bluetooth.

Its built-in telecoil gives you easy access to the loop systems in theaters, lecture halls and other public places without having to attach a telecoil directly to the sound processor.

The Oticon Medical Streamer can also be used with the Oticon ConnectLine system of accessories to connect your sound processor to devices that include TVlandline (analog/PSTN) or office phones, or a remote microphone for one-on-one conversations in noisy environments.

Discreet and easy to use, the Oticon Medical Streamer is worn around the neck and has three main buttons: phone, TV and microphone. It can be used for the following devices:

Cell Phone


Tele Loop







* Requires additional accessories

The Oticon Medical Streamer can be used with the Ponto Plus and Ponto Plus Power sound processors.

For more information about the Oticon Medical Streamer, please talk to your hearing care professional, or contact your local Oticon Medical office.

Oticon Medical Streamer
For wireless communication
Oticon Medical Streamer

Oticon Medical Streamer includes the following:

  • Wireless communication possibilities
  • Built-in telecoil
  • Remote control function
  • Socket for FM
  • Mini jack cable
Ponto superior sound quality

Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that the Ponto System provides the best sound quality in the field of bone anchored hearing systems.*